Facing Cancer
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riding shotgun
by riding shotgun

Recently, I publicized the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to support the publication of my book, Riding Shotgun. A dear friend suggested it would be a good idea to share an excerpt from the book. He's a pretty bright guy so I'm gonna do it. In fact here are two. Something else to point out...this entire…

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both sides
by both sides

Overcoming comfort zones, don’t be embarrassed, getting through surgery takes some good ideas and support. That’s why we are here. This time, for me, it's a hip replacement - let’s review some rules with my “Be prepared patient list".

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by MalClaire

A blog to acknowledge the caregivers in our lives. The people who support us no matter what.

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Connecting: The question
In what ways has cancer changed you?

I never liked to talk on this topic earlier because my father died due to Cancer. It was really hurting as we could see the fear of death in his eyes. After his death I promised myself to spread some awareness regarding this. From various online sites and Cancer help lines like http://www.regionalbikurcholim.org/ I extracted some…

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Cancer has made me ...
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