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Archive: 08 2011

Entering the Pleasure Zone: Glow and Canada

Here I am at the rental cottage along the St Lawrence in the 1000 Islands, hiding in the musty and dark bedroom while fighting off jetlag with a hearty infusion of nap – but my head is still buzzing and it won’t let me sleep. Why? Cause I wanna write this blog post. Two fabulous things happened this… Read More


Getting Back to ‘Normal’

Recently, I’ve been revisiting the findings of our 2010 national survey of women with cancer, and thinking about how so much of what women told us mirrors my own experience. It got me to thinking about the things women with cancer want. Of course, there are things we all want -- a self-clean bathroom, the… Read More

both sides

Positive Thinking #4

As I move on, more challenges are thrown in my path and sometimes I wonder if the story I tell is a really fascinating book that I read, not my life. So after my 3rd hand injection to release my seized up joint, I took up my tennis racquet again, held on tighter to the ski handle, reached for that attitude and… Read More

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Resources for Cancer Patients

I spent hundreds of hours looking for resources that had valuable and reliable information. There is a lot of opinion 'out there' so make sure, especially when reading information online, that the information is from a reputable source. I found the following resources to be helpful especially when I was… Read More

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If I Had My Life To Live Over

This week, while hyperventilating into a paper bag about all of the pieces that have to come together in order to get My Big Hairy Audacious dream off the ground, I googled Nadine Stair's poem and the words helped me to loosen my grip on the bag (and on my need to have all of the answers right now). At the age… Read More

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