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Archive: 10 2011

Survivorship Is Not A Phase…

November 22, 1963; July 21, 1969; July 31, 1997; and September 11, 2011. Do you remember where you were the day you first heard the news? That JFK was assassinated?That Neil Armstrong took his first steps on the moon? That Princess Diana died in a fiery car crash? That suicide bombers boarded planes, filled… Read More

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Memories come in many different shapes and forms. The things that can trigger a memory are numerous...a smell, a song, a book, a movie or television show and sometimes they just happen. There are childhood memories, high school memories, college memories, early adulthood memories, memories of finding that one… Read More

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My Trade In

My grandma Flo behind the wheel, circa 1919.  She was a breast cancer survivor, too. I have a confession to make. I traded in my ovaries for a Porsche.  It wasn’t a straight trade, of course, but my perspective was that if I was going to have to give up something so precious, I wanted something really… Read More

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Cancer Limbo

I've spent the last week trying to think of an idea for this entry. Usually, they just come to me, usually I can open up my laptop, go to the link and start to write but this week is different. When it comes to cancer, I now write 'I used to have cancer', when it comes to doctor's appointments, my next one… Read More

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Finding a support group in real life

I’ve just gotten back from my very first support group.  My feelings are mixed, much like they were before going. Now – okay, fair enough. You might ask, ‘Hey Catherine, why are you scared of support groups when this entire website is one giant support system?’ And you’d be totally justified. And then you… Read More

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