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Archive: 08 2012
Nicole Scobie (aka CancerDragon)

Parenting Through Cancer

Here’s  an exact, unedited copy of a text message I received at work from my husband the other morning about how my older kids spent their evening the night before: "Apparently Daniel, Jesse and his friend stayed up really late, playing dare. So Jesse has no longer any eye brows. Daniel took a shower with… Read More


Fertile Future?

As kids, we have everything planned out, don't we? I mean, playing MASH foretold so many of my potential scenarios. The number of times I ended up in a Mansion with a Ferrari, married to Brad Pitt and having three kids, is unbelievable. (For those of you who don't know, MASH is a game that primarily girls play… Read More

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Do You Believe Everything Happens For A Reason?

I do. But, I also believe in Karma and Destiny. Yes, I believe everything happens for a reason....even death. Not for one instance am I saying that TJ "deserved" to die...absolutely not. What I am saying is that he did very good things for a lot of people during his lifetime and his number was up. He… Read More

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both sides

Motivational Poem

Motivation is not only upwards but also outwards, pushing your boundaries of new things... and so, like my positive thinking cards, I made this poem to push me to the next step, across that line in the sand. This is for all those people where fear rules after cancer treatment but we must not let it define… Read More

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From a "Me" Journey to a "We" Journey

Hello Facing Cancer Bloggers and Friends! It's hard to believe I returned to Canada after the epic round-the-world Adventure of Hope only 2 months ago. I can't lie - I have gotten used to life in Northern British Columbia. For almost 6 weeks, I got to sleep in the same bed and drink coffee out of the same mug… Read More

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