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Archive: 12 2012

At the Bargaining Table with my Oncologist

Last week was my six month follow-up with Dr. Canada. While I only get tested and scanned once a year, these cozy little chats are required every 6 months. This is how they often play out. I arrive and take a survey where I mark all my ranging emotions and nausea conditions at 1 (meaning not at all a problem… Read More


Trauma & Identity

I cling to my traumatic experiences like an elderly person to memories of their youth. Like that elderly person I wonder, how was I more carefree and easygoing in my naive state? How was I more 'myself' before, or even more frightening, after, these experiences? Unlike an elderly person's youth, my… Read More

Nicole Scobie (aka CancerDragon)

Fun and productive things to do while waiting in the hospital.

I have a friend right now who is at her son’s bedside in the hospital, an unplanned vacation from the real world which happens so frequently in the life of a cancer mom (or cancer dad of course). It made me think about all the long hours, days and nights we spent in the hospital with Elliot, waiting, pacing… Read More

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It's Good to Laugh: Little Pink Book of (mostly) Cancer Cartoons

I’ve been a big fan of author and cartoonist Kate Matthews for some time now, following her hilarious posts on facebook and sharing them with the online Bumpyboobs and Facing Cancer Together communities – so when I saw she was offering up a free ebook for whoever could guess what was in this picture, I… Read More

both sides


The coach tracked me down on the far tennis court – “Your husband is on the phone, there’s an emergency”……… Has that ever happened to you? Your heart sinks but then it doesn’t. My brain is in medical mode – I can handle it…. “Your son has broken his leg at school and they can’t move… Read More

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