Facing Cancer
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Archive: 08 2013
both sides

Enjoy the process

Sometimes we notice the result - buy the cake, the card and miss the process - the healing place in our head where time stands still and bad thoughts get shelved for a while as we create. Remember to enjoy the process, focus on the journey not the destination. Read More


Adventures in Juicing-Making and Brunch-Eating

Today I’m going to share with you an adventure in Brunch and Juicing. Okay, so that’s a bit less thrilling sounding than my Adventures of Claire Never-Ending, but this is real life baby, and real life only gets really dramatic once in a while. And thank goodness today wasn’t a dramatic sort-of day. This… Read More


A Natural Ambition

Having cancer in your twenties means facing issues that you may not face in your fifties or sixties like worrying about a student loan, feeling isolated from your peers, the loss of your womanhood in your prime because like in my case part of it was literally removed, and the ever-looming fertility. I had… Read More


Where should the anger go?

Today is Sunday*, and it’s a really beautiful day outside. We have lovely Sunday plans: farmer’s market in the morning, brunch with the family and then a friend is getting married – I’m entirely honoured to be invited to attend her incredible event. (While also thinking of another friend out west who was… Read More

riding shotgun
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