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Archive: 07 2014
The Guest Room

Beautiful for Having Been Broken

This week the Guest Room is welcoming Philippa of the Feisty Blue Gecko. Phillipa is a remarkable woman. Her stories have a worldly essence, which makes sense with her being Scottish and having moved between Nepal, Mongolia, India, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar (where she currently lives and works). Her post on Kintsukorai caught our attention with tagline “More Beautiful for Having Been Broken” - setting the perfect metaphor for our struggle to accept our bodies after trauma, and feel beautiful once again. Read More

Nicole Scobie (aka CancerDragon)

Awareness or Action?

What's more important, awareness or action?  Gearing up for September as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, which is the month before October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, makes me think about the debate this subject triggered last year. Oh wait, I know, I haven’t posted in a while (a long while), and… Read More

both sides

No One Gets Left Behind

This was a proving ground for fear. I have done fear. We worked together, no one got left behind, mud and obstacle warriors of life. How symbolic. But what a feeling to wear the T-shirt and not let cancer take that away. Read More


Another Scan to My Liking!

When you are diagnosed with stage four cancer, that means a whole lot of different things. One of those things is going in for your scans every 2-4 times a year to get news on what the cancer is doing. I went just this week,and here are my results for this time around. Read More



After treatment #3 I spent a couple of days feeling pretty crappy.  Most of that time I spent in my room reading and sleeping.  It was certainly not a nice way to feel and it is very hard to describe.  When I was awake I didn’t really feel like I was awake.  It was like being in a nightmarish fog where I… Read More

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