Facing Cancer
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Archive: 08 2014


The messages I was getting from friends and family really helped me to continue my positive and optimistic outlook each and everyday.  Most days were pretty good but I had some times that I would be out in public doing ordinary things like going to the grocery store, pharmacy or the post office and people… Read More

both sides

The Fearless Challenge

I am not afraid; I have done fear. The Fearless Challenge invites awareness into the courage and bravery of cancer warriors by challenging people with their own fears for cancer support. There are no pink ribbons here. Just people taking steps into their own difficulties to recognize the world that goes unclear as the journey of cancer unfolds. Read More


March on

My very first blog ever! and its kind of the start of my story...at least my Cancer story that is. My name is Charlene, I am 26 year old female and 57 days before my wedding I was diagnosed with a T3 Tumor on the high end of my rectum, pretty much my colon, and the biopsy came back as cancer. Read More


It’s been one year

It has been about one year since I was offically diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Zsolt and I were whispering about this in the bed yesterday. One year. Somedays feel like I'm living life cancer-free. Other days I begin to fear that I'm not doing enough, enough, enough to keep the cancer back. That's always… Read More

The Guest Room

As the hair grows back, Guest Post from Nalie

In today’s Guest Room post, we want you to meet Nalie from Nalie.ca as she shares her hair re-growth story. A vibrant Montreal vlogger/blogger, she was diagnosed with breast cancer at twenty-four. “Like a lot of us in our twenties, I had big plans… and right now I have to sacrifice a lot to get back on my… Read More

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