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Archive: 06 2015

One Amazing Connection & One Amazing Escape

I don't ever do a mindful Monday, but a friend sent this quote to me the other day around blood, vibration and motherhood. She was at an event, and this passage was read, and it made her think of my novel, Claire Never Ending. (I'm quite honoured that she made such a wonderful connection). I read the passage… Read More


What Makes A Good Chemo Buddy?

One thing you need during chemo is a buddy. Your chemo buddy is someone who will not only drive you to the hospital, but will provide snacks, laughs and sometimes silence….A very important role. If you are ever in the market for a chemo buddy, here are some tips you may want to keep in mind: 1. Just being a… Read More


#WinkDay and the Cancer Blues

A friend once visited Zsolt and I for a week while we lived in Canada. She lived in our living room, and by the time she returned to Canada, she was winking at everyone (so her family told her). Because, apparently, Zsolt and I wink quite a bit at one another, and she had picked up the habit. For my husband… Read More


Waves and Worries

We’ve had smooth sailing on the Queen Mary 2, except for the waves that kicked up last night. In the evening prior to dinner, Zsolt and I were down in the games alley near the bottom of the ship, staring out the windows with other guests and saying along the lines of: “Look at that! Woah! Here’s another!” as… Read More

The Guest Room

Opting Out Of Breast Reconstruction: A Tough Personal Choice

I am standing with my hands on my hips while he is busy staring at me. I am naked waist up. He has a camera. A real nice professional, looking one. There is back ground screen and a metal stool that spins. It’s a small room with dim lighting; the camera flash fills it with lights briefly. It’s just me and him. I, a modest and stressed-out woman, raised in a very modest culture. He, a man holding the camera. His coat, the white coat, however makes this scene appropriate and marginally tolerable. Read More

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