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Archive: 01 2016
both sides

Art is Therapy

Art is Therapy - take the time and let your mind free to create. When we are knocked down physically and emotionally, it can be challenging to find positivity and freedom from worry as well as disabilities. Whether it is colouring, finding quotes with a photo, collaging in mixed media or sewing, let’s feel good and create. Read More


Life After Cancer

Hello All, I decided to write about Life After Cancer. I have been struggling with many unpredictable emotions now that I am in remission. But I have realized that I need to be patient with my recovery and there are a few suggestions to assist you along the way. Read More

riding shotgun

Does time diminish memory?

“Four years, one month, and 13 days. 215 weeks. 1,505 days. 36,120 hours. 2,167, 200 minutes. 130,032,000 seconds. No matter how you count it is at once immediate and distant.” — DK I began writing this post on the four-year anniversary of Katie's diagnosis. I postponed finishing it until we had the… Read More


16 Ideas for a Beautiful 2016

Along with our appreciation for your support, friendship and generosity in 2015, we're sending you our very best wishes - and a few inspiring ideas - for a beautiful new year. Read More

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both sides
Both Sides
by both sides
At 47, I was diagnosed with simultaneous bilateral invasive breast…

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Lisa Skelding
The Side Effect No One Talks About
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Lisa Skelding is a Clinical Social Worker, owner of Oakville’s…

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by Bumpyboobs
I was diagnosed with breast cancer a few days after my one year wedding…

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