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Both Sides
both sides

Do you know about restorative tattooing? Meet a person who is dedicated to giving cancer patients back what this unfair disease has taken from them. We know that emotional attitude makes a difference in emotional wellbeing, pain, activity and ability to get back to work. Let's look at its role, together with reconstruction in helping restore patients and their self esteem. Read More

both sides

How do I talk to a friend? What do I take them? How often do I go? What do I write in a card? What makes it so difficult to talk to cancer patients - it may be the fear of saying the wrong thing or guilt of upsetting them. There may be a first visit but then it fades just when the Cancer Blues become reality. How can we help? Read More

both sides

How can people understand? That's why we are here. There is so much that is deeper than the surgery, drugs and hair loss. The Cancer Blues campaign is helping spread this awareness as launched at the Mirror Ball. Read More

both sides

Positive thinking is a daily challenge no matter what part of your cancer journey or adversity. Reframing everyday is important and so Thinking Card 12 is here and reminding myself of purpose at the Celebration of Hope Award. Read More

both sides

Whether it is as simple as visualizing a hot shower when your pain is searing across your chest after surgery or pushing yourself down a black diamond snow run, we visualize our win. Seeing yourself to the finish line is the imaginary line to your goal. It is said that Olympians have visualized the finish line countless times before the podium. Let's explore the mind that helps us get there. Read More

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both sides
both sides
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Mar 03, 2011

At 47, I was diagnosed with simultaneous bilateral invasive breast cancers. My world as a busy mum and doctor was in a tailspin as I underwent bilateral mastecomies, reconstuction, node sampling then axillary dissection, chemo then hysterectomy after significant BRCA mutation results. I then helped family members through BRCA testing and the difficult decisions. I made positive thinking cards to help me out of every hardship, push me forwards. Finding balance is hard after breaking my arm twice since then - I have difficulty with the slow down part! I am so grateful to be back at work, able to help people through the emotional side that comes with cancer - from Both Sides.

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