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Both Sides
both sides

We celebrate World cancer Day and those people who hold us up on that cancer journey and beyond. They are friends, co-workers, family and even online connections to keep us in touch with the world outside. My 3 foot world is my current struggle. In cancer treatment after cancer treatment and finding the resilience to manage beyond that, we count on these people - our co-survivors Read More

both sides

Art is Therapy - take the time and let your mind free to create. When we are knocked down physically and emotionally, it can be challenging to find positivity and freedom from worry as well as disabilities. Whether it is colouring, finding quotes with a photo, collaging in mixed media or sewing, let’s feel good and create. Read More

both sides

Get Busy Living. After the diagnosis of my father’s lung cancer and soon aware of it’s metastatic nature, the Oncology Team put him on a targeted miracle drug. In those 5 years, he beat the odds, busy living and showing everyone the power of attitude that eludes explanation. Read More

both sides

Let's talk about pain - one of the unspoken sides of cancer treatment, survivorship and symptom management. Pain contributes to immobility, depression, fear and inability to work. Let's talk about it to improve quality of life and those around us. Let's open the conversation to the Cancer Blues Read More

both sides

Finding fun and enjoyment in fitness is key to keeping it in your routine. What about being a mermaid!!! Read More

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both sides
both sides
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Mar 03, 2011

At 47, I was diagnosed with simultaneous bilateral invasive breast cancers. My world as a busy mum and doctor was in a tailspin as I underwent bilateral mastecomies, reconstuction, node sampling then axillary dissection, chemo then hysterectomy after significant BRCA mutation results. I then helped family members through BRCA testing and the difficult decisions. I made positive thinking cards to help me out of every hardship, push me forwards. Finding balance is hard after breaking my arm twice since then - I have difficulty with the slow down part! I am so grateful to be back at work, able to help people through the emotional side that comes with cancer - from Both Sides.

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