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Bye Bye Boobies….Hello Life
Well, I have to thank Riding Shotgun for this opportunity to make a team to Run for the Cure. I have never done it before and I am now ready to walk/run beside survivors and soak up the positive energy without fear of comparison. I just completed the Oakville Hospital run – I owe them so much, all my recent 5 surgeries and all the patience and a ton of scans and X/rays for my broken bones too.

You see, like so many on their own journeys of courage, I endured that horrible journey of surgery after surgery and chemo and that’s what I call a survivor. The future is always an uncertainty since it has not happened yet and the thoughts never leave me but I do know that surviving that year and all that came with it is worth celebrating…..so I want to wear my pink and show my spirit of strength and where I am today.

Now, what to call my team?  It was 1 am and I was deciding on the name:

Positively Pink was a natural name for me – safe, cute, pretty as a nail polish, I could put that on a poster, conservative enough for a doctor to put in the waiting room??? NO , I want to push myself to new comfort zones : I want to push the line to a new edge and learn to be comfortable at that as I talk to everyday people about the effects of cancer and mastectomies and overcoming all the broken parts of me…..it’s part of my vocabulary and I want it to be heard that way. My world did not end with mastectomies – it saved me.

That was it: Bye Bye Boobies…..Hello Life was the name of my new team. Edgy, uncomfortable, fun, and yes, I was going to dare to go there. The song rang in my head as I told my husband – a song from the Bay City Rollers Bye Bye Baby was rewritten at 1.30am as my second wind of energy started writing on my ipad

Bye bye boobies, boobies goodbye

Bye bye boobies, boobies bye bye

Bye bye boobies, don't make me cry

Bye boobies, boobies bye bye

That's the one thing I never saw coming

Then I fought it to discover me.....

I just love to be

It hurt just to think about it

Not just me but my family got it

Mark and me, will walk cancer free

Finding friends to get you stronger

The journey kept getting longer, gee

They'd do that for me..

Living life is so much bigger

Sharing that is what I deliver

make a difference, that is me, so...

Bye bye boobies, boobies goodbye

Bye bye boobies, boobies bye bye

Bye bye boobies, don't make me cry

Bye boobies, boobies bye bye

Bye Bye Boobies saved me – it’s worth celebrating!
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both sides
both sides
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Mar 03, 2011

At 47, I was diagnosed with simultaneous bilateral invasive breast cancers. My world as a busy mum and doctor was in a tailspin as I underwent bilateral mastecomies, reconstuction, node sampling then axillary dissection, chemo then hysterectomy after significant BRCA mutation results. I then helped family members through BRCA testing and the difficult decisions. I made positive thinking cards to help me out of every hardship, push me forwards. Finding balance is hard after breaking my arm twice since then - I have difficulty with the slow down part! I am so grateful to be back at work, able to help people through the emotional side that comes with cancer - from Both Sides.

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