Facing Cancer
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The Fearless Challenge

I am not afraid, I have done fear. 

So we’ve all heard about the ice bucket challenge. My kids have posted videos wakesurfing and supporting ALS. When I saw this campaign to make a difference to Stand up to Cancer, I felt this was close to my heart and we could share this awareness.
Facing fears is what we have to do in cancer in so many ways. Sitting in front of the oncologist and surgeon as your world goes still and you listen but don’t really take in the world of cancer.  Fear is recalibrated. Maybe it is when you get your head around that and then another blow – if it is more surgery, another result, the tailspin begins.  Your mountain of fear gets bigger and then the shaving of your head. Or is it turning up at the gym or your kids school as the person with cancer.  No one wants to talk about it – it is awkward…..is she okay? Man, we have done fear alright.
Nobody can come close to reproducing that sinking abyss that keeps happening as your journey takes some unexpected turns and your own mistrust starts to overtake all the strength you knew. But, it is about recognizing this courage and allowing others to show their support.


knowledge or perception of a situation or fact.
to raise public awareness of an issue
synonyms: consciousness, recognition, realization; More
understanding, grasp, appreciation, knowledge, insight;
light-bulb moment; cognizance

concern about and well-informed interest in a particular situation or development.

I am so glad that this campaign is not just about putting a pink sticker on things but to challenge each person to take a tiny step into the world of fear that we were plunged into and celebrate the bravery that is put upon every cancer warrior.  Raising money to fight cancer is recognizing the effort in everyone’s bravery, challenging people to cut their hair for cancer, jump into the sky or, my favorite one on the site, wax manly legs – that deserves an applause!
CTV on Friday night at 8 pm is televising and raising awareness in this campaign to Stand up for Cancer – Stand up for you and me and courage. Stand up to do something to change it. That’s why I love my job – I am changing the face of cancer.

Check out : www.fearlesschallenge.ca


June 2010. Sometimes you smile on the outside to give yourself courage on the inside. This was not just about shaving my head - it was feeling ugly and whether I would be loved the same, all the loss and making my smile define me now, it was about the beginning of a big scary uncertainty. My mountain to climb with good support. Thank you Heather at Look Good Feel Better.

It is worth recognizing this power and courage. 

I lost a good friend to breast cancer yesterday. Cancer hurts. Making a difference is what we can do. 

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both sides
both sides
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Mar 03, 2011

At 47, I was diagnosed with simultaneous bilateral invasive breast cancers. My world as a busy mum and doctor was in a tailspin as I underwent bilateral mastecomies, reconstuction, node sampling then axillary dissection, chemo then hysterectomy after significant BRCA mutation results. I then helped family members through BRCA testing and the difficult decisions. I made positive thinking cards to help me out of every hardship, push me forwards. Finding balance is hard after breaking my arm twice since then - I have difficulty with the slow down part! I am so grateful to be back at work, able to help people through the emotional side that comes with cancer - from Both Sides.

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