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My groovy little brother turned 28 years old today. He was over at my parents for dinner, where Zsolt and I are staying. At one point, he asked me if I remember my 28th birthday. Oh yes, I remember. I’d just had surgery to remove my right breast, and was trying to scrape together some reason to want to… Read More


I’m packing my suitcase for Hungary. We don’t have a ticket, and I’m still totally unsure when we are leaving – or how long we’re going for, but nevertheless, I’m packing my suitcase. Easter Monday in the Brunelle Samson household is really all about packing. Actually, we’re finishing with the packing of… Read More


You know, our days are pretty normal. While we wait in limbo land for Docto br Canada to inform us whether I qualify for the extended study because my current treatment is no longer working well, normal things are taking place. The apartment is in flux between messiness and becoming steadily more and more… Read More


Sometimes you just need to focus  on the little silly things, like this.   Me: Knock Knock Zsolt: Knock Knock? Me: No, you are supposed to say who’s there? It’s a knock knock joke. Don’t you know about those? Zsolt: [silence] Me: It’s a type of joke. You know, ‘Knock Knock?’” Zsolt: I don’t get… Read More


People don’t often come up and ask: So, Catherine, how do you feel about not having children? They might ask: do you have any kids? But that’s not the same thing at all Now, I don’t expect nor do I want to open that big emotional can of worms by being asked vulnerable questions all the time . . . but when… Read More

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I was diagnosed with breast cancer a few days after my one year wedding anniversary. That was a shocker. After three years NED, cancer reappeared and pushed me to stage four. This blog captures life despite cancer. With international relocations, job search drama, fighting off apartment vermin, falling deeply in love and more. Life is challenging, but nevertheless inspiring and that’s what Bumpboobs is all about. You can find me over at @Bumpyboobs on Twitter, and hey - I wrote a lovely fiction novel! - over at http://www.CatherineBrunelle.com

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