Facing Cancer
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It’s been one year

It has been about one year since I was offically diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Zsolt and I were whispering about this in the bed yesterday. One year.

Somedays feel like I'm living life cancer-free. Other days I begin to fear that I'm not doing enough, enough, enough to keep the cancer back. That's always creeping on the back of my mind: am I doing enough? What have I slacked off on? How can I do better?

And then I think, I'm tired of worrying. When do I stop worrying?

The very best thing that has come from this past year is a new courage and a new passion. My book was written and printed, I've been connected with great writers. It's fun to blog about life despite cancer, and it's even more fun to launch new projects despite having no clue where they may go. It's been one year since the doctor told me to go do whatever I wanted to get doing. Get on with life. Grab the brass ring. Live your biggest dream. 

I am here. I am here. I am here.

I am well. I am well. I am well.

I am living. I am living. I am living.

And I'm having a damn good time, too.

There's one other thing I haven't done much of for the past year, but I'll leave that to be found on my other post. (It's a little cheeky). As I said there. I'm here, I'm alive, I'm still loving, still laughing, and still creating. My life is blessed. One year later, and we are okay.

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Feb 03, 2011

I was diagnosed with breast cancer a few days after my one year wedding anniversary. That was a shocker. After three years NED, cancer reappeared and pushed me to stage four. This blog captures life despite cancer. With international relocations, job search drama, fighting off apartment vermin, falling deeply in love and more. Life is challenging, but nevertheless inspiring and that’s what Bumpboobs is all about. You can find me over at @Bumpyboobs on Twitter, and hey - I wrote a lovely fiction novel! - over at http://www.CatherineBrunelle.com

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