Facing Cancer
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Tag: life after cancer

When you are diagnosed with stage four cancer, that means a whole lot of different things. One of those things is going in for your scans every 2-4 times a year to get news on what the cancer is doing. I went just this week,and here are my results for this time around. Read More


Sometimes we need a break from cancer, don’t you think? For me, that break is creative writing. Three years ago during that first diagnosis, the ability to create stories just stopped. I couldn’t go there; it was as if the light had been snuffed. I know this happens to others. Just take a peek at Karen’s story I shared here a while back. Heart ache and illness can rip us away from what we love. Except this time. This time around, my writing has survived. Read More


Ah, radio silence . . . or rather, blog silence. For the past little while I’ve taken a break from the blog. Not because the blog was overwhelming, but because I was overwhelmed. However, we’ve just returned from a pause out west. This fishing trip had been planned ages ago, and so I decided not to cancel – in… Read More


Okay, so yesterday I spent my entire Friday in front of the computer webcam making a video. It was a heck of a lot of work for something that is totally basic – but there was the editing, the lack of a script (my dad taught me in elementary school to never public speak using a written script . . . so instead… Read More


Today is Sunday*, and it’s a really beautiful day outside. We have lovely Sunday plans: farmer’s market in the morning, brunch with the family and then a friend is getting married – I’m entirely honoured to be invited to attend her incredible event. (While also thinking of another friend out west who was… Read More

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I was diagnosed with breast cancer a few days after my one year wedding anniversary. That was a shocker. After three years NED, cancer reappeared and pushed me to stage four. This blog captures life despite cancer. With international relocations, job search drama, fighting off apartment vermin, falling deeply in love and more. Life is challenging, but nevertheless inspiring and that’s what Bumpboobs is all about. You can find me over at @Bumpyboobs on Twitter, and hey - I wrote a lovely fiction novel! - over at http://www.CatherineBrunelle.com

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