Facing Cancer
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Cancer Dragon
Nicole Scobie (aka CancerDragon)

What's more important, awareness or action?  Gearing up for September as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, which is the month before October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, makes me think about the debate this subject triggered last year. Oh wait, I know, I haven’t posted in a while (a long while), and… Read More

Nicole Scobie (aka CancerDragon)

Tomorrow, Sunday September 8th, which happens to mark the 2 year anniversary of Elliot's diagnosis, there will be a rally on Parliament Hill in support of Childhood Cancer Awareness.     I would have loved to go, but since that's not possible, I ask you all in the Ottawa region to please stop by and… Read More

Nicole Scobie (aka CancerDragon)

Strangely enough I started this blog about a week ago, and circumstances have made it suddenly relevant in an unexpected way. I wanted to write about how to help a person who has been given a cancer diagnosis. And how to help the caregiver, and the family. I know so many people have told me that when… Read More

Nicole Scobie (aka CancerDragon)

As an air traffic controller, my job involves making rapid decisions under frequently stressful conditions with serious consequences. I probably make hundreds of these quick decisions every day. Since my husband has the same job, you would think the two of us together would be expert decision-makers,… Read More

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Nicole Scobie (aka CancerDragon)

Today we get the results of Elliot’s scan.  He is acting normal, except for what is probably some hayfever, runny nose, coughing and light asthma. The coughing and asthma always worry me, because what we will find out today, basically, is whether there are any lungs metastases. We went in for all the tests… Read More

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Nicole Scobie (aka CancerDragon)
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Apr 16, 2012

My grandmother, my mother, my son. Somehow, the cancer dragon skipped over me. Life is a roller coaster adventure, one with ups and downs, twists and turns. Our family is holding on tight for the ride, and somehow, happy. Together we are stronger than cancer.I write more about my cancer experiences at nicolescobie.com et en français au http://mamancancer.wordpress.com/

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