Facing Cancer
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Cancer Dragon
Category: Family
Nicole Scobie (aka CancerDragon)

As an air traffic controller, my job involves making rapid decisions under frequently stressful conditions with serious consequences. I probably make hundreds of these quick decisions every day. Since my husband has the same job, you would think the two of us together would be expert decision-makers,… Read More

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Nicole Scobie (aka CancerDragon)

I have a friend right now who is at her son’s bedside in the hospital, an unplanned vacation from the real world which happens so frequently in the life of a cancer mom (or cancer dad of course). It made me think about all the long hours, days and nights we spent in the hospital with Elliot, waiting, pacing… Read More

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Nicole Scobie (aka CancerDragon)

Lately the cancer world has me pondering the importance of friendships. What would we do without friends? Women, especially, needs their gal pals. In fact, recently on facebook a post went around about a study that was done that determined the best thing a man can do for his health is to marry a woman,… Read More

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Nicole Scobie (aka CancerDragon)

Here’s a light-hearted look at cancer from the point of view of my son Elliot, who was only 4 and a half when diagnosed. I know many of the adults I am in touch with who have cancer, or who are helping a person with cancer through this journey, will relate! 1. It is perfectly acceptable to have a complete… Read More

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Nicole Scobie (aka CancerDragon)

Here’s  an exact, unedited copy of a text message I received at work from my husband the other morning about how my older kids spent their evening the night before: "Apparently Daniel, Jesse and his friend stayed up really late, playing dare. So Jesse has no longer any eye brows. Daniel took a shower with… Read More

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Nicole Scobie (aka CancerDragon)
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Apr 16, 2012

My grandmother, my mother, my son. Somehow, the cancer dragon skipped over me. Life is a roller coaster adventure, one with ups and downs, twists and turns. Our family is holding on tight for the ride, and somehow, happy. Together we are stronger than cancer.I write more about my cancer experiences at nicolescobie.com et en français au http://mamancancer.wordpress.com/

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