Facing Cancer
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Cancer Dragon
Tag: funyn moments
Nicole Scobie (aka CancerDragon)

When I was just a baby, my older sister Michelle, being at the wise age of 2, decided that I was boring and informed my mother that this whole baby thing had been a bad idea. My mom was probably only slightly tired at the time (after all, she had been given the entire 2 week unpaid maternity leave from work… Read More

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Nicole Scobie (aka CancerDragon)
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Apr 16, 2012

My grandmother, my mother, my son. Somehow, the cancer dragon skipped over me. Life is a roller coaster adventure, one with ups and downs, twists and turns. Our family is holding on tight for the ride, and somehow, happy. Together we are stronger than cancer.I write more about my cancer experiences at nicolescobie.com et en français au http://mamancancer.wordpress.com/

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