Facing Cancer
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Category: Family

16 Ideas for a Beautiful 2016

Along with our appreciation for your support, friendship and generosity in 2015, we're sending you our very best wishes - and a few inspiring ideas - for a beautiful new year. Read More


What Makes A Good Chemo Buddy?

One thing you need during chemo is a buddy. Your chemo buddy is someone who will not only drive you to the hospital, but will provide snacks, laughs and sometimes silence….A very important role. If you are ever in the market for a chemo buddy, here are some tips you may want to keep in mind: 1. Just being a… Read More

The Guest Room

Andrea Douglas: Laughter is the best medicine

I walked into the restaurant, found Kathleen and pulled off my hat. She looked at me, speechless. “Rapunzel,” she finally blurted out. Not a funny story in and of itself. Except my hair was barely a centimetre long at the time — hardly the long, flowing locks of legend. It was one of my first public forays “au naturel” — which for me meant no wig, no hat and no headscarf. Yes, this is a story about breast cancer. About illness. About losing your hair. But mostly, it’s about friendship and feeling lucky. It’s about an incredible group of women whose shared laughter has become, for me, one of the most beautiful sounds on earth. Read More


Jazz Hands

It's been an emotionally exhausting 2 weeks of measuring my lump against the B12 bottletop and hoping it will have shrunk, or better yet be gone. I know my parents (or at least my Mom) know something's up, but we're great avoiders in my family. So mums the word.   My GP is a lovely woman, a great Dr with a… Read More


Cancer From A Kid’s Perspective

Having cancer is tough. Having had cancer is tough. Navigating the process when there are kids in the picture can seem almost impossible. We constantly struggle with how to make our kids understand what it is we're going through when, truthfully, we don't fully understand it ourselves. And sometimes we may… Read More

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