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Jazz Hands

It's been an emotionally exhausting 2 weeks of measuring my lump against the B12 bottletop and hoping it will have shrunk, or better yet be gone. I know my parents (or at least my Mom) know something's up, but we're great avoiders in my family. So mums the word.   My GP is a lovely woman, a great Dr with a… Read More

both sides

If you were a flower, what would you be?

Art is a process of creativity that takes your mind to a place where time stands still. Insecurity, statistics, anger, hurt are put aside as you become present. If you were a flower, what would you be? Why would you define yourself like that? A realization that in the garden of life, our differences are what makes the bouquet beautiful. Let's fill our toolbox with ways of feeling good, finding positive energy, being in the present, loosing time in those good moments... Read More

both sides

Not everyone is ready to change, that used to be me…

There's a time for readiness - not everyone is there. You think you can make everyone realize that time can stand still when you least expect it - that your calendar full of appointments can dissolve in a phone call, that the only really important things are family and friends but not everyone is ready for that. Sometimes you can't change people till they are ready to listen. Maybe that's why we relate to survivors - they had that wake up call - any adversity and they know what it's like for all the balls to fall. i remember being almost jealous of the people who didnt think that could happen to them - because that used to be me! Now I'm changed, not by choice, cancer happened... I chose to fight, I chose to notice my second chance. Read More

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Cancer Doesn't Discriminate

When I shared my “D-Day” (aka “Diagnosis Day”) details with my friends and family last year, the overriding response was “Why you?”. No one in my family has ever had cancer; I work out 2-3 times a week; I eat relatively healthy (hey, I even willingly ate kale!); and have never suffered more than a… Read More

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riding shotgun

Hope lives.  Zach's legacy.

This is worth reading.  The video is worth watching.  The song is worth listening to.  The lyrics are worth absorbing. 'Nuff said. http://www.cnn.com/2013/05/20/health/sobiech-viral-video-death/index.html?c=homepage-t&utm_source=buffer&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Buffer&utm_content=buffer9ea2d Read More

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