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Riding Shotgun
riding shotgun

My newest posting and I think it is pretty darn exciting. http://www.dkridingshotgun.com/dkridingshotgun.com/Blog/Entries/2014/4/10_Life_changing_moments.html Read More

riding shotgun

My newest posting on my blog. Please take a few moments to visit. I promise you'll find it worthwhile. Read More

riding shotgun

How much change can happen in 2 years? Read More

riding shotgun

If you're at all concerned about diet and how what we eat may impact on our health from a physical perspective you might want to watch this for a little more spiritual perspective. I will warn you this is not for the faint of… Read More

riding shotgun

As my sons Gabriel (6) and Samuel (almost 4) grow, it is fascinating to watch their relationship evolve.  They can  and will play constructively together - with the occasional recess to beat on each other - and they are starting to engage in interesting conversation. Sometimes these chats are quite hilarious… Read More

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riding shotgun
riding shotgun
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Jan 02, 2012

after the diagnosis, a mastectomy, chemo, lymph node surgery, radiation - my wife Kate is remarkable - my sons Gabriel, now 6 and Samuel, 4 are remarkable - many of the people we’ve met on this trek are remarkable - this blog is for them

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