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Riding Shotgun
riding shotgun

Eight years ago, at the Millcroft Inn in Alton, Ontario, Katie said yes! It was without doubt the best day of my life. Read More

riding shotgun

Please visit my site to be linked to a remarkable video which so effectively captures the spirit and reality of this wonderful community.   http://www.dkridingshotgun.com/dkridingshotgun.com/Blog/Entries/2014/7/6_Stand_by_me.html Read More

riding shotgun

Mommy is away this Father's Day.  Again, I think - or maybe it was Family Day last time she was gone.   Pretty exciting though as she has travelled across the pond to surprise her best friend, Alex, with a special birthday visit! Both Katie and Alex had a significant birthday this May.   Birthdays take… Read More

riding shotgun

One of the first real surprises I encountered when Katie was first diagnosed. We have emerged stronger and more unite. However, part of the reason I am writing my book "Finding beauty among the wreckage: Riding Shotgun on the cancer trail" is to address this, among many other issues, that men experience when… Read More

riding shotgun

Finding resolution through reinvention Read More

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riding shotgun
riding shotgun
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Jan 02, 2012

after the diagnosis, a mastectomy, chemo, lymph node surgery, radiation - my wife Kate is remarkable - my sons Gabriel, now 6 and Samuel, 4 are remarkable - many of the people we’ve met on this trek are remarkable - this blog is for them

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