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Riding Shotgun
riding shotgun

Recently, I publicized the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to support the publication of my book, Riding Shotgun. A dear friend suggested it would be a good idea to share an excerpt from the book. He's a pretty bright guy so I'm gonna do it. In fact here are two. Something else to point out...this entire… Read More

riding shotgun

This was just published on my own site dkridingshotgun.squarespace.com but I wanted to ensure this got to our wonderful Facing Cancer community. Read More

riding shotgun

“Four years, one month, and 13 days. 215 weeks. 1,505 days. 36,120 hours. 2,167, 200 minutes. 130,032,000 seconds. No matter how you count it is at once immediate and distant.” — DK I began writing this post on the four-year anniversary of Katie's diagnosis. I postponed finishing it until we had the… Read More

riding shotgun

Yeah, I've been away for quite a while. Frankly experienced a little cancer fatigue but recent experiences bring me back. Hope you find this of some interest and help. Read More

riding shotgun

I often tease Kate that if she hasn't made someone cry her day is not complete. Read More

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riding shotgun
riding shotgun
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Jan 02, 2012

after the diagnosis, a mastectomy, chemo, lymph node surgery, radiation - my wife Kate is remarkable - my sons Gabriel, now 8 and Samuel, 6 are remarkable - many of the people we’ve met on this trek are remarkable - this blog is for them

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