Facing Cancer
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both sides

How to Begin

This is a blog about smallest steps, showing up to begin to make something happen – to change perspective and expectations. Just begin, it is the hardest part. Read More


My Default Coping Method

Hello hello hello and hello! Okay, enough of that. I think I’ll do that thing where I blog and pretend no one is watching. Dance like no one’s watching – except, I’ll write. And this isn’t on some big stage. And most importantly, I’m not wearing any leotard, ballet shoes, or waving any jazz hands. Man,… Read More


Futility or Fertility?

Futility or Fertility? Getting back to the story. My oncologist has taken me off my birth control pills and referred me to a fertility specialist. Apparently many chemotherapy patients lose their period -- my dad has tuned out now, and it’s probably for the best -- sometimes it comes back afterward and you… Read More


Let’s Be Real For A Moment

I write my blogs as if it’s all a story I’m telling, someone else’s story. To be honest, it’s easier for me to write that way. A cop-out? Maybe, but from the comments you are leaving, you like the storytelling feel of it. I’m going to pause the story here, and I’m hoping you’ll stay with me as I share some… Read More


The Roles We Play

My mother’s sister Linda has arrived from Australia for her annual visit. We’ve got a trip to Roatan booked in a few weeks, but no one believes we’ll actually be going. Sad, because if ever I needed a vacation, now was the time. Linda is great to have around. She worked in the social work/medical field for 30… Read More

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