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The Guest Room
As the hair grows back, Guest Post from Nalie

In today’s Guest Room post, we want you to meet Nalie from Nalie.ca as she shares her hair re-growth story. A vibrant Montreal vlogger/blogger, she was diagnosed with breast cancer at twenty-four. “Like a lot of us in our twenties, I had big plans… and right now I have to sacrifice a lot to get back on my feet. But as soon as I do, trust me… this world has not seen the end of me!”

It is not vanity to become emotional over hair; hair matters to us – for many, it’s part of our identity, and so watching it grow back is almost like watching ourselves return after treatment. In this post, we hope you take away the same sense of resilience, vulnerability and joy we found in meeting Nalie. (She also wrote a great post on Look Good Feel Better, too!)


My Hair Evolution Post-Chemotherapy

Originally published at Nalie's blog on August 4th, 2014.

It took me a while to want to go back and edit this video… because watching the old footage of my bald head and pale face made me feel sick again. I can’t believe that was ME! I swear I  looked at myself in the mirror a dozen times a day, took tons of videos and selfies during my entire diagnosis. But only now, in retrospect… do I realize the damage my treatments had done. It’s like looking at a different person! Never did I see that reflection before. I always just saw… me!




“How fast will my hair grow back?” was my number one question while I counted down my last chemotherapy treatment. I searched online, interrogated other breast cancer survivors but it was never really clear. I guess everyone’s hair grows differently! But it was always reassuring to see pictures of cute little pixie cuts from other patients months after their last chemo. I wanted to do the same!

So to give an approximate idea of how fast hair grows back after chemotherapy, here are some milestones during my hair evolution:

3 weeks post-chemo: The old-man’s receding hairline! For some reason, my hair only started growing on the sides like Dr.Phil. This was a tough time because that was a hard look to pull off.

6 weeks post-chemo: Little peach fuzz! My hairline was finally in and this is also when my eyebrows started to show!

8 weeks post-chemo: Badass buzzcut! This is when I started to look much healthier. I have eyebrows, a full set of eyelashes and my hair is even all around. Just trying to pull off the  G.I jane look!

10 weeks post-chemo: Bed Hair! Enough hair for it to be messy when I wake up in the morning now. Especially since my sides are much longer than the top.

12 weeks post-chemo: Baby’s first Hair Cut! I got a much needed trim for a photo shoot to even out the sides!

16 weeks post-chemo: The Part! Hair is long enough to be combed to one side!

20 weeks post-chemo: Dragon Ball Z! My hair is so thick that its standing. I have to use pomade to keep it down!

22 weeks post-chemo: Halle Berry! Took her picture with me to the salon and got my hair styled!!! Short on the side and standing at the top. I always wanted to try this look but never had the guts to do so. And now, I’m loving it.

A few things I did to accelerate my hair growth was to apply coconut oil and tea tree oil on my hair and scalp every night. I also juiced and ate a lot of greens to give my body the nutrients it needed to get back into shape.

My best advice for those going through it, never hide! Remember… it’s just temporary so be kind to yourselves! I was told to avoid mirrors… but instead I chose to face myself every day! I stared at my flaws and I’m happy they brought  me down to a dark place. Because it is in this place that I was able to acknowledge my insecurities and  confront them until they went away. And now, I see nothing but beauty…


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