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The Other Side of Cancer

For many of us a cancer diagnosis can unleash as many emotional symptoms as physical ones; but because we are so focused on treating the physical aspects of the disease, we often don’t expect the impact of the emotional fallout from cancer. We are starting the conversation around the Cancer Blues so that women can get the support they need to for any emotional distress they may be experiencing along with the medical treatment they need. Read More


Today, not only do I celebrate my birthday, I also celebrate 25 years being cancer free. I often tell people I am a graduate of the University of Cancer because, as with most great challenges in life, the cancer journey is full of lessons. As I celebrate, I’d like to share 25 lessons I’ve learned from diagnosis until today. Read More


When you’re diagnosed with cancer, you know to expect physical symptoms. But many of us don’t expect the emotional symptoms that come with the diagnosis and the treatment. We call this emotional fallout the Cancer Blues and on World Cancer Day, we want to get the world talking about this often overlooked cause. Read More


Sonia Clarke is the first yoga teacher in Canada to receive a certificate in Yoga of Awareness for Cancer at Duke Integrated Medicine. In this guest post, Sonia shares how cancer, and yoga, have touched her life and how both inspire her to help those living with cancer find well-being through yoga. Read More


Kathleen Wiseman is 51-year-old mom of two, grandmother of three and a breast cancer survivor. I had the good fortune to meet Kathleen on my travels when I visited a Shoppers Drug Mart store where she works. She shared her story with me and has graciously agreed to share a bit of it with our members in the hope of helping another woman get through some of the tough days we encounter on the cancer journey. As she says, “getting back up, after you think you can't, is the most extraordinary feeling and it makes us STRONGER!" Read More

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As a long-term ovarian cancer survivor, I am thrilled that cancer that once threatened my life is gone from my body.  Even now, two decades after my diagnosis, I am reminded daily of the impact of cancer on my life.  I know without a doubt, that because of the positive support I received, my spirit rallied to see me through the most challenging of times.  As the Executive Director of the CCTFA Foundation, I couldn’t be more proud of the opportunity to support women with cancer through Look Good Feel Better and Facing Cancer Together.

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