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The Other Side of Cancer

This week we announced the winner of our second annual Facing Cancer Together Co-Survivor Award. Often, the efforts of these special people – we call them co-survivors – go unnoticed, though certainly not unappreciated. As I undergo treatment for my own recent breast cancer diagnosis, I am fortunate to have a great number of cheerleaders sending good wishes my way and reminding me that I am not alone. Read More


My birthday is March 3, and, as the day after my final treatment for ovarian cancer in 1990, it is always the day I celebrate being free of ovarian cancer – 26 years! But this year, a diagnosis of breast cancer added a twist to my planned birthday festivities. Read More


Along with our appreciation for your support, friendship and generosity in 2015, we're sending you our very best wishes - and a few inspiring ideas - for a beautiful new year. Read More


Despite my determination to survive a cancer for which there was no survival rate, I was afraid: Afraid that people would think that my cancer was contagious, that no one would ever kiss me again, and that no one would love me after cancer. It was during those darkest of days, when my family and friends were always there for me, that I learned just how vital a supportive network was to my survival. I also learned that a little lipstick and blush could do as much for my psyche as it did for my appearance, and that a spritz of fragrance could literally lift my spirits. Read More


Shoppers LOVE.YOU. – Putting Women’s Health First, is dedicated to being part of every woman’s support network through the sponsorship of a full range of national and community initiatives focused on advancing women’s health in body, mind and spirit, including FacingCancer.ca. Having faced eight cancer diagnoses, Dionne Warner has a great deal of wisdom to offer about beating the Cancer Blues by making yourself a priority. Dionne answered a few questions for us about what it means to Love. You. Read More

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Sep 14, 2010

As a long-term ovarian cancer survivor, I am thrilled that cancer that once threatened my life is gone from my body.  Even now, two decades after my diagnosis, I am reminded daily of the impact of cancer on my life.  I know without a doubt, that because of the positive support I received, my spirit rallied to see me through the most challenging of times.  As the Executive Director of the CCTFA Foundation, I couldn’t be more proud of the opportunity to support women with cancer through Look Good Feel Better and Facing Cancer Together.

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