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The Other Side of Cancer

While it’s true that the physical effects of cancer are more obvious to those witnessing our journey, the things they can’t see—like fear, depression, isolation, the altered sense of self—can be as traumatic and damaging. When we treat the disease without treating the whole person, we overlook a huge aspect of cancer care that can dramatically improve quality of life. Read More


For me, birthdays are a very special, and although it might sound odd to those younger than me, I love getting another yet year older! Read More


We are once again honoured to welcome a guest blogger to this space. Rose Muhr is a cancer survivor who’s dedicated to giving back. Not only is she a Look Good Feel Better volunteer, but she’s also passionate about highlighting the amazing strides, contributions and importance of genetics research in the fight against all types of cancers. Read Rose's story. Read More


We recently ‘met’ Heather through our social media outreach. She’s a fellow survivor of ovarian cancer and a mom, wife and author. Heather recently experienced the grief of “survivor guilt” as she prepared for the passing of a friend who had been diagnosed with cancer around the same time that she had. Heather has graciously shared her very personal story with us. Read More


Cancer Survivorship. The very phrase stirs mixed emotions for so many, equally positive and negative; and, just like a cancer diagnosis itself, the reaction to the word “survivorship” is as varied and unique as each individual’s perspective. From victim to victorious the word itself can be a dichotomy. Read More

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Sep 14, 2010

As a long-term ovarian cancer survivor, I am thrilled that cancer that once threatened my life is gone from my body.  Even now, two decades after my diagnosis, I am reminded daily of the impact of cancer on my life.  I know without a doubt, that because of the positive support I received, my spirit rallied to see me through the most challenging of times.  As the Executive Director of the CCTFA Foundation, I couldn’t be more proud of the opportunity to support women with cancer through Look Good Feel Better and Facing Cancer Together.

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