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Happy Canada Day


A big HAPPY CANADA day to everyone - and HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to everyone in the states as well. May your weekends be filled with BBQs, family and fun.

Posted 2012 07 01 - 15:34

Thanks BB.  Spent ours very quietly - still fatigued and achy from 9 days of last chemo - woo hoo grin  Was nice that the weather was finally sunny though.

Posted 2012 07 02 - 15:04

Glad to hear the weather was fine. Yes, I reckoned you and others might be feeling the chemo blahs, but hope it was still an easy (ish?) day. Quiet is good when the body is recovering.

Posted 2012 07 03 - 14:25

The best thing about these blahs… is they go and I dont have to go back for more grin

Posted 2012 07 03 - 17:29
riding shotgun

Got to get my new post up but need photos first.  We celebrated my Mom’s 100th birthday on Sunday.  On Monday I took her to the golf course to hit a couple of balls.  More to follow.  Needless to say - but I will anyway - most memorable Canada Day ever.


Don Kerr a.k.a. Riding Shotgun

Posted 2012 07 04 - 00:07

Happy Happy to everyone!  Had a great weekend of friends and campfires at lake. Was wonderful knowing heading into last chemo yesterday. Happy 4th of July yo our American friends today! Tazz you must must be ready to celebrate ..... Enjoy no more chemo….yeah!

Posted 2012 07 04 - 11:31

Others do, you do, do not fear.

Posted 2017 02 14 - 05:01