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Hi from northern ontario


I have been recently diagnosed with invasive ducal carcinoma. I am having surgery on Thursday May 1st and getting more anxious. I am scheduled for a lumpectomy and sentinel mode biopsy.
I was in shock when I found out but had this gut feeling about it all, I have had lumpy boobs all my life nod had even had a cyst previously. When I first found this lump I thought “oh just another cyst” but had this nagging voice in the back of my head saying you better get it checked!
I am a healthcare professional and always had my mammograms in fact just had one 6 months ago and it was clear. So off to the dr. I went and he sent me for a ultrasound than I got called back for a core needle biopsy, and that was not a pleasant experience! Next was the the news of the pathology report.
I am finding the waiting for the surgery getting to me now, even though everything is being done quickly. I also work at this same hospital and know most of the staff and doctors which in some ways is a comfort but in others there is not much anonymity!
I have never been one for journal writing but have bought one and started writing it seems to be therapeutic for me now.
Looking forward to this forum and the support it will bring!

Posted 2014 04 26 - 10:29

Hi Gadgetgirl. I am glad you found our community.  I think you may be interested to read our Bothsides blog by Alex Ginty - she’s also a healthcare professional (a doc) and was also diagnosed with breast cancer. I’m sending you loads of good thoughts for a smooth surgery on Thursday.  Please let us know how you make out.


Posted 2014 04 28 - 09:39
riding shotgun

Well, once again, here we are welcoming someone to the community no one would willingly join!  However, that said, you will, I hope, find this a great place to learn, vent, share, shout, and scream if you need to.  You’ll also find moments of great joy (eventually) and moments of howling laughter.  Probably sounds preposterous at this point but based upon what we’ve learned from others here it will happen.  If you want to know more about being a healthcare professional with this issue please do check out Dr. Alex Ginty’s postings on this site. She’s awesome and I bet you will find much in common.


Don Kerr a.k.a. Riding Shotgun

Posted 2014 04 29 - 19:23

Hi Gadgetgirl,

It is such a rollar coaster, particuarly at the start. Reading you write it here is all too familiar. I hope all goes well with the lumpectomy and node test. I will hope good, good, good results for you.

Keep up with the writing if it helps. Writing is so very good. As is saying hello to folks who get it, and we certainly do. I am wishing you great results and smooth recovery. Please do let us know how it all goes.


Posted 2014 04 30 - 19:09

Thanks to the responses and I have been following Dr. Ginny’s blog as suggested.
Well surgery is finished, when I went for the needle localization they found another suspicious area and localized it as well, but right place to be and have it done. My surgeon is great says that as soon as he gets the report he will call and have me in to explain and plan the treatment. States that it will be individualized to my specific tumor and the markers it has one doesn’t have.
(I am a RN and my experience was 10 years of surgical and now I specialize in geriatrics so this all new to me also) as put earlier not a community you willingly join, but I am inspired by the support!
Looking forward to hearing about any hints, tips, etc.
I did go to sears and get a great sports bra for after that zips up the front made by playtex!

Posted 2014 05 03 - 07:51

I remember when I was where you are. One thing they do not tell you is that it can take as much as 1 month to get the pathology report. In order to produce this report, they have to grow the cancer cells in a lab to find out the speed of repreduction, what it feeds on, etc… be prepared to be out of work for at least one year.

Posted 2014 05 19 - 17:55

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