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new to all of this and angry


my 17 yr old daughter went to the doctor because she had a lump on her thigh, he sent her for xrays and they came back inconclusive about 2 yrs ago.  we had moved and got a new doctor about 1 yr ago, he told her it was a fatty lump.  when i had her to a sports clinic we had asked the doctor about the fatty lump, she brought up her xrays that were inconclusive and saw something not quite right.  she was then sent for an mri and referred to an oncologist.  she had 2 biopsies they knew it was a tumor but could not tell what type.  she had it removed in august and when we went for follow up they told us it was an unknown tumor and that they would have to test the genes of it.  we now found out that it is malignant and treating it as sarcoma and now she has to get ct scan of her chest to make sure it’s not in her lungs and possible radiation.

Posted 2014 09 17 - 20:41

Hi krisb.  I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. I am glad your new doctor decided to investigate and had the lump removed. Waiting now for the subsequent tests and results can be the hardest part. As a caregiver, you might be interested to read our blogger Don’s blog called Riding Shotgun in which he shares a lot of his emotions (including anger) as he traveled alongside his wife, Katie on her cancer journey.

We’re always here if you need to vent (or cheer, or cry ... we do it all!).


Posted 2014 09 22 - 16:06

thank you. i will check it out.  my daughter’s anxiety level is through the roof right now.  she is very impatient for the ct scan and results, and also if she needs the radiation.  i try to put on a brave face but i’m on emotional overload.  I always thought it would be me going through this not her.  she’s young, strong and stubburn and i know we will get though this together it’s just really hard.

Posted 2014 09 24 - 00:59 [ Edited: 2014 09 24 - 01:19 by krisb ]

Wow, that’s a good thing to have to read this article.

Posted 2017 02 08 - 03:43