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Hi, I am new to this site wish I would have found it sooner. I was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer in December of 2013 they removed the tumour then in March of 2014 they removed both of my ovaries and removed where the cancer had spread to. I just finished my chemo and will be soon having my scan to see where I am at now. This has been a very long journey for me as well as my family. I was looking to talk to others who understand.

Posted 2015 01 24 - 12:21

Hi Pumpkin.  I’m glad you found our community.  If you haven’t already, you may want to read Sherry Abbott’s blog.  Sherry is our Executive Director and 25-year survivor of ovarian cancer.  Her story is quite inspiring: http://www.facingcancer.ca/blogs/theothersideofcancer


Posted 2015 01 26 - 10:47

Thanks Chantal I will read this

Posted 2015 01 28 - 15:34

Hi Pumpkin! I’m new to this website and couldn’t believe it when I read your post! I was Dx with Primary Peritoneal CA ( which is treated the same way as ovarian CA) in October 2014. My pathology results came back as High grade Serous Ovarian CA, stage 3) . Tomorrow I have treatment #6 of 6 chemo treatments (Carboplatin&Paclitaxel;) then a CT scan in March…I am praying that my CT is good!  The last CT I had was in early January and the results showed that tumour was growing again, or, it might just be scar tissue, the CT in March will show if this is “growing ” or if it is indeed scar tissue.
I’ve been searching many websites for someone who is having same type of treatment. I hope that you have been coping well with the treatments and that you are staying strong and positive.  I find that my daily walks are a tremendous help

Posted 2015 02 23 - 22:14

Hi Charlotte, so sorry I have not been on here for awhile thought I might be alone as I checked it for days to see if anyone might respond. I go back for my checkup in March and another scan in April. Praying you are doing well. I am finished my chemo, I also had 6 treatments with the same 2 drugs but have many side effects as a result of them. I find that I get tired very easy however had to have brain surgery after my chemo was over so that adds to it.  Wow I really do hope that it is just scar tissue not another tumour for you. I try very hard to stay positive as it does help me and my family. Stay strong and hope to talk to you again.

Posted 2015 03 05 - 16:32

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