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Hello everyone. I had had a bump on right breast for over 2 years; was told by family physician that it was a sebaceous cyst, and could have been anywhere on my skin. After my routine mammogram in April 2015 I was called back for an ultrasound. Radiologist reading mammo and ultrasound also thought sebaceous cyst but recommended removal as a precaution. So I had it removed under local anesthetic. The pathology report however indicated a carcinoma and I was sent to Sunnybrook in Toronto for lumpectomy (to obtain clear borders) and lymph node biopsies.All nodes were clear; OncoDX testing indicated no need for chemo. So I have just completed 25 radiation treatments; my breast is very red; warm to touch, with blistered areas under the breast and in my armpit. I am so tired all the time; could easily nap every day.
My husband and children have been wonderfully supportive; but now that treatment is done they expect that I should be back to normal, caring for 3 year old granddaughter, shopping, preparing meals, etc. I just am not sure I can do it, not yet anyway. Anyone else dealing with fatigue and trying to meet everyone’s expectations?

Posted 2015 12 17 - 19:53

Hello and thank you for sharing your story. Reading about your wonderfully supportive family, it is evident that you are super wife and super mom to them. So when they wish you a “speedy recovery” I am sure it isn’t just to have normalcy return to their lives but it is likely their hope that a sense of normalcy will return to yours too. Remember that recovery is an individual process that varies in time and experience from person-to-person; so there isn’t a set time you have to be all fixed up or anything! Take all the time you need and gradually get back into the groove of your routine life, or don’t! Things can change with your outlook and how you feel so you may want to do things differently. It is entirely up to you and hopefully your loved ones will adjust to your new way of doing things. Do not feel pressured and if it is still an issue, then sit them down and have a talk with them. Open and honest communication is the key! Good luck smile.

Posted 2016 02 13 - 06:44

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