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Radiation Cystitis


Hi, I’ve had cervical cancer and I’m now 16mths post treatments and for past 3 and half weeks I’ve noticed that I felt I had frequent UTI’s for months before but this time I felt like it wasn’t going away or antibiotics wasn’t working, and each day after I was in extreme pain and noticed more n more blood in my urine and than clots, I went to see my rad/oncologist and he says he believes it’s cystitis caused from radiation, so he gave me anti-spasm meds and than that helped for a day, it’s been over 3 weeks straight of frequent urinating, stinging pain in the pelvic area where the bladder is and burning while voiding, and many trips to outpatients, finally got to see a urologist to tell me that I have radiation cystitis which occurs to most patients that have had pelvic radiation, and this is NOT curable, all he prescribed me was antibiotics, and now waiting for cystoscope and ct scan to find out where the bleeding is coming from and to check if I have cancer in the bladder, I’m just wondering if there is anyone else have had this experience and what helped for pain management or meds to get thru this til it passes or how long did it take to finally feel somewhat normal again?

Posted 2017 06 05 - 09:12