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Cancer Cured: Victory Over the War on Cancer


When I was 12 years old my mother was diagnosed with cancer.  Doctors told us they had detected it early and that early treatment with surgery and radiotherapy would maximize her chances of survival, so we rushed her in for treatment and expected a steady recovery.

Six months later, we received news that the cancer had spread to her liver, and after several rounds of chemotherapy and more radiation, her body had had enough.  Instead of my father witnessing the triumphant return of his wife and my sister and I getting our mother back, we watched her suffer a painful and agonizing death.

I made a promise to her in my heart that I would find the cause and cure for cancer and share it with the world so that no child would have to go through what my sister and I did, ever again. 
This book is my promise…

Backed by over 2300 scientific and clinical studies, Cancer Cured takes you on an in-depth scientific investigation of orthodox cancer treatments and the cancer establishment. Next, a theory of carcinogenesis is presented and explorations into three alternative cancer medicines are conducted to put the theory to the test. The final chapter seeks to do the impossible and unravel the mysteries of a disease which continues to perplex even the greatest scientific minds of today.

Here’s the introduction chapter for a preview:
IT’S BEEN NEARLY 50 years since the War on Cancer was declared, and yet more people are diagnosed with cancer and dying from the disease than ever before.(1)

I find it extraordinarily difficult to believe that after spending $500 billion dollars on cancer research since 1970,(2) the cancer establishment has come up with literally nothing useful for preventing or curing the disease. If it’s true, then they are incompetent and their astonishing lack of advancement is undoubtedly the most spectacular failure in human history. But if cures or effective treatments have been systematically suppressed from the public, then their actions are criminal in nature and blood from over 530 million people(3) could be on their hands. Whatever the case may be, I intend to make it clear.

Up until this point on humankind’s pursuit to end cancer, our primary mistake has been entrusting the same people who profit from treating cancer to provide us with a cure. I haven’t spoken to anyone who didn’t understand this concept - there is no money in a cure. Why would an industry that generates over $125 billion dollars a year(4) put itself out of business? It wouldn’t.

So who then do we look to for answers?

In 1947, the young American physicist Ernest Sternglass wrote a letter to Albert Einstein telling him about the work he had been doing to reduce radiation doses during X-ray fluoroscopy. To his surprise, Einstein showed great interest in his work and invited the 23-year-old to meet with him at Princeton University, where they talked for 5 hours. “And that had an enormous effect on my life. Because among other things, he encouraged me to pursue my theory and I finally got it all published,” recalls Sternglass.(5)

At the end of their conversation, Einstein issued a very important warning: “Don’t go back into academia,” he said. “They will kill every bit of originality out of you. In order to become a full professor, you have to get approved on every level and you cannot question the existing ideas too much or else you won’t get promoted… have a shoemaker’s job for the rest of your life, so that you can do something useful for humanity.”

My purpose in writing this book is to explore the possibility that, hidden among the vast amounts of information drifting aimlessly through cyberspace, a cure for cancer has already been found. And while a doctor might fear losing his medical license or job for completing such work, a layperson with no medical background like myself can fearlessly make a controversial conclusion when the evidence warrants one. This pure and unobstructed curiosity combined with discipline and an intention to simplify complex information will render a final product on the cutting edge of science that can be understood by those who need it.

The American Cancer Society estimates that almost half of everybody alive today will develop cancer at some point in their lives,(6) and the World Health Organization predicts a 50% rise in cancer diagnosis’ by the year 2020.(7)

Unless we figure out what is fuelling this explosion of cancer rates and alter our course, a time will soon come when nobody escapes the ravages of this disease. The future of human civilization is at stake and only one thing is certain - if the answers are out there, they will be found.

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Posted 2017 06 09 - 14:08