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Drinking habit.


I’m diagnosed with Liver cancer. It’s stage one. I wasn’t an alcoholic or anything but after this diagnosis I am devastated and depressed. I started drinking round the clock after the diagnosis. Now my physician said that the tumour that has grown into blood vessels. He warned me that the cancer has not spread to nearby lymph nodes or distant sites, but there’s a chance to spread if I continue like this. I know I’m killing my survival rates by my drinking habit. But I can’t stop on my own. I hates being sober. I’m in the verge of killing myself. I lost all my hope. My friend took an appointment with a nearby alcohol addiction treatment centre ( http://www.cbtassociates.com/about-you/problems-addressed/alcohol-use/ ) . I don’t know anything about the treatment.My physician is also encouraging me to undergo the therapy. I’m not sure I’ll be able to stop but, I’m going to try my best. I hope my cancer leaves me like my drinking habits. May God have mercy on me and all other ones who are suffering. Kindly share your survival stories. Thank you in advance.

Posted 2017 07 18 - 06:12

I hope you are feeling better.  I enjoyed drinking, it helped to block some of what was going on.  Last month my Dr. said my kidneys were not functioning properly and my blood pressure was too high.  I said no to the Blood Pressure pills and decided I would take control of my life, everything so far seemed so surreal and out of my hands.  My biggest thing was quitting drinking, not fun, but I felt necessary to prove one way or the other that I could do something for myself.  My blood pressure went down, it is perfect, My kidney function returned to the normal range and I lost a few pounds.  Sigh, so that proved to me that drinking in excess is not good for a body already compromised by cancer and the treatments .  It has only been 7 weeks. for my body to thank me for smartening up!

Posted 2017 08 24 - 23:20