Facing Cancer
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News, research, articles, videos, links and tips that may help you through your cancer journey.

What’s In Your iPod?

Who hasn’t turned to music to lift their spirits or to soothe their soul? For cancer patients, music can be especially therapeutic. A study done by the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York showed that patients undergoing high-dose chemotherapy reported less anxiety and better overall mood after listening to or making music Read now

Walk Your Way to Well-being

The late-spring sun washes the landscape with the warm promise of summer as Joanne Nevison closes her front door and heads down the walk toward the park. She takes a deep breath, filling her lungs with the musky scent of damp earth and the sweet smell of new green shoots. Joanne walks with purpose — she’s feeling pretty good — and as she catches sight of a plump robin in the tree by the road, she thinks, what a wonderful day. Read now

Finding Support
Finding Support

Mother and daughter, Lorena and Sarah, talk about Sarah's cancer journey and the importance of finding support. View

Jane’s story
Jane’s story

Jane's story View

Lives Affected by Cancer

Lives Affected by Cancer magazine is full of inspirational stories, information and resources to help women and their supporters face cancer with hope and optimism. Read more

The Essential Cancer Treatment Nutrition Guide and Cookbook

Thoroughly researched, with an easy-to-understand approach, this book helps patients and caregivers understand the role of nutrition during cancer treatment and provides nutritional strategies for managing difficult side effects and concurrent conditions. Read more

Learning Links
Lung Cancer Canada

Lung Cancer Canada provides education about lung cancer to patients and families, healthcare professionals and the general public through newsletters and educational materials available in print versions or online. Read now

Cancer Care Nova Scotia

Cancer Care Nova Scotia, a program of the Department of Health and Wellness, was created to reduce the effects of cancer on individuals and families through research, prevention and screening, and lessen the fear of cancer through education and information. Read now

Mirror Ball 2014

Colourful. Bold. Sexy. These words give you a hint of what's in store for you at Mirror Ball 2014! Read more

Fancy Hats and Afternoon Tea at Windsor Arms Hotel

Tea-time guests now have the opportunity to support Look Good Feel Better by giving back in one simple way: wearing a fancy hat for afternoon tea. Read more