Facing Cancer
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Topic: Life After Treatment

Many women are surprised by the feelings and challenges they encounter when treatment ends. Here, you’ll find advice and info from those who’ve been there.

Life Goes On

Making the transition from patient to survivor can be at once overwhelming and empowering. We hear from three women who were surprised at the challenges they encountered as they face life “after cancer”. Read now

The Spirit Within

Visualization can help you find your peaceful centre Read now

Finding Support

Finding Support

Mother and daughter, Lorena and Sarah, talk about Sarah's cancer journey and the importance of finding support. View

Jane’s story

Jane’s story

Jane's story View

The Inner Path to Healing

The Inner Path to Healing is a detailed, intimate and gripping account of a woman striving to decode the message her cancer is sending her. She relives every step, revealing along the way a path to emotional, spiritual, and yes, physical healing. Read more

Learning Links

Ovarian Cancer Canada

Ovarian Cancer Canada aims to overcome ovarian cancer by supporting women living with the disease and their families, raising awareness in the general public and with healthcare professionals and funding research to develop early detection techniques, improved treatment and, ultimately, a cure. Read now

Breast Cancer Sisterhood

The Breast Cancer Sisterhood uses videos to inspire, help, guide and support those with breast cancer and their networks, including survivors, husbands, caregivers, children and teens. Read now

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