Facing Cancer
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The Question
In what ways has cancer changed you?
Posted on 2014 02 18

Having cancer has made me less fearful.  I’m engaging in life in ways I wasn’t before I had cancer.  When I have an opinion, I voice it.  I used to avoid situations I as afraid of, like speaking to crowds or flying in airplanes.  I still feel anxious in these situations, but now I take that step forward instead of stepping backward from them.  Don’t get me wrong here, I am not an adrenalin junkie, I am just able to live my life without all the personal restrictions I’d placed on myself before I got cancer.

Posted by ConnieMae yes 2014 03 09 @ 10:11

hello, finding out I had cancer, I didn’t cry, or get sad, what was my alternative.  I am a 60 yr. old mom of 3 grown kids and 4 grandkids and a wonderful hubby of 34 yrs.
But after having time to think what has it done for me: Re-examine my priorities.  I was a caregiver for children, infants and the elderly for years, now it is time for me to take care of me, so I can still care for my wonderful, supportive family.
my mom always said, there is always someone else worse off.  And she was so wise.  God bless you all on your journey.

Posted by sillywilly yes 2014 03 14 @ 14:23

I’m not alone; my friends and my family have my back and keep me focused on the positive; I appreciate and I am grateful for the all things and people who come into my life - the sharing of cancer stories, the hugs, the laughter and the tears. I’m still here, so everyday is a good day,and some days are better than others.

Posted by Stefa yes 2014 05 12 @ 20:32

Only recently being diagnosed but, it is consuming my life everything is about my cancer right now and the next step and the next appointment.
I have found many new friends and friends that have always been there are making sure that I know they are here for me.
The family support is amazing and my husband is really stepping up supportive as well.
I have also learned that those “little things” that used to irritate me don’t anymore they aren’t worth the energy that I need to fight this cancer!

Posted by Photogal yes 2014 05 14 @ 21:32

I haven’t had cancer, and yet cancer has changed me. It was my mother’s encounter with breast cancer that changed me. She fought it successfully and has been cancer-free for years, but I’m still stuck with many unanswered questions. Why don’t we have a cure? Why are there still so few viable treatment options for late-stage patients? What has been missed somewhere along the way in understanding what cancer really is? Where is the fresh thinking that questions even our most basic assumptions about cancer? Cancer has changed me into a person who is driven to find answers to these questions, and to uncover new thinking and fresh approaches that get the results that our sickest patients need. That’s how cancer has changed me.

Sherman Morrison

Posted by gshm50 yes 2014 05 29 @ 11:28

Cancer has changed everything about me, about my life, about my priorities and how I make decisions. I am more confident about who I am but I am extremely insecure in social settings. I am fearless in the pursuit of happiness and adventure but I am afraid of everything putting me back in the hospital. Every day is different. Sometimes I am angry at the loss of who I was before cancer. Sometimes I am proud of who I am because of cancer. Sometimes I am optimistic of who I can still be as a combination of all my experiences related and unrelated to cancer. I can find the positive in this miserable journey, but it will never be a journey I would wish upon anyone to take.

Posted by onedayatatime yes 2014 06 02 @ 09:09

Cancer has made me stronger. Cancer has made me angry. Cancer has made me grateful. Cancer has made me introverted. Cancer has made me beautiful. Cancer has made me scared. Cancer has made me love the little things more. Cancer has made me see people more clearly. Cancer has made me sad. Cancer has made me laugh more. Cancer has made me dance more. Cancer has made me feistier. Cancer has made me hug people more. Cancer has made my heart bigger. Cancer has made me tired. Cancer has made me a hypochondriac. Cancer has made me detached. Cancer has made me more confident. Cancer has made me more practical. Cancer has made me doubt God. Cancer has made me grieve. Cancer has made me less stressed. Cancer has made me more stressed. Cancer has made me confused. Cancer has clarified everything.

Now f_ _ _ o_ _, Cancer !

Yours sincerely,


Posted by byebyebadboobie yes 2014 07 08 @ 13:10

I never liked to talk on this topic earlier because my father died due to Cancer. It was really hurting as we could see the fear of death in his eyes. After his death I promised myself to spread some awareness regarding this. From various online sites and Cancer help lines like http://www.regionalbikurcholim.org/ I extracted some knowledge about the same. It helped me to make people aware about Cancer and various help lines that extend support for saving cancer patient.

Posted by LaylaHargrove yes 2017 01 02 @ 03:24

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